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Our Mission:
"To make simulation training available to every driver thereby reducing accident-related costs and saving lives"

Motor vehicle crashes in the US currently take over 40,000 lives every year. The total economic impact is over $150 billion a year. 77-90% of crashes are caused by driver error. These numbers suggest that more driver training and practice to anticipate varying driving conditions will save lives.
By combining driver education with entertainment elements, Drive Square promotes better training, which is based on its patented Portable Road Simulator. Drive Square works with leaders in driver training, research, insurance and government to make this technology available for driver training.

Driver Safety

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Driver Safety


Drive Square, Inc.
3213 Duke St., Ste.656
Alexandria, VA 22314

Telephone: 1-617-762-4013
Product: driving simulators

Management Team

Konstantin Sizov - Photo

Konstantin Sizov

CEO, Founder
Member of the Transportation Research Board, the committee on Simulation and Measurement of Vehicle and Operator Performance (ACH50) ,  Principal Investigator for research projects, sponsored by National Institutes of Health and CDC.
Holds Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. Carnegie Mellon University Alumnus.

Previous positions held:

  • Software engineering manager for 3com Corp. Voice Solutions division. Responsible for complete computer telephony application programming interface development. 3com NBX business telephone systems held a 70% IP telephony market share
  • Software engineering manager and Lead Architect for MyHelpdesk.com. By the time of acquisition by PCSupport.com, Konstantin managed all of the software development and IT infrastructure of the company
  • Vice President of Technical Operations at Parascript LLC, a natural handwriting recognition company. Working with Business Development, successfully executed $25M contract with Lockheed Martin Postal Technologies
  • Software engineering manager at Astarte Fiber Networks, Inc., an opto-mechanical switching company. Since the beginning of the company Konstantin managed all of the software development for the company and a part of hardware development. Astarte Fiber Networks, Inc. was acquired by Tellium Inc. and Corning Inc. for $150M in Oct. 2000
Konstantin has a diverse background with development, marketing, sales, and support organizations. His extensive experience in system integration is instrumental for Drive Square.


Karen Angelini - Photo

Karen Angelini

Vice President, Marketing, Co-founder
Karen Angelini has worked in product management for thirteen years, a significant portion of which were spent working domestically and internationally for high tech products, including Perkins Elmer of Wellesley, MA, the leading manufacturer of X-ray contaminant detection systems.
Her career began in 1988 as a Marketing Assistant for General Foods, Inc. where she was responsible for volume forecasting, legal/trademark issues, promotion and packaging development of Alpha-Bits™, Marshmallow Alpha-Bits™ and Crispy Critters™ cereals. Since that time, she has broadened her industry background to include consumer products, high-tech, education software and Internet products and services. Most recently, Karen was employed as Vice President of Marketing for MyHelpDesk.com, The Computer Help Portal™ where she authored the business plan that resulted in the company's sale to PCsupport.com, Inc. of Vancouver, B.C.
Karen has worked with seven advertising agencies in New York and London, written and implemented 13 marketing plans, and negotiated and led hundreds of promotional, local and national marketing events including NASCAR.
Highlights of her career include introducing TAMPAX® Tampons as the first expatriate responsible for Central European marketing, assuming sole marketing responsibility for Warner-Lambert's newly acquired Italian confectionery company in 1995 which resulted in the award-winning North American launch of Certs® Cool Mint Drops confections and most recently, marketing of MyHelpDesk, Inc.'s services which were acquired and awarded PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Site in both 1999 and 2000.
She graduated Harvard Business School in 1993 with focus on general management and marketing.


Eric Hilman - Photo

Eric Hilman

Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Hilman has over 20 years of technology industry experience. He has served in a variety of financial, business process, strategic planning, program management and product management roles.
He graduated Harvard Business School in 1980.


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