Driving Simulators

In-Vehicle Driver Training

The Drive Square Simulation System™ is a driving simulator that allows trainees to drive in a real car on a virtual road.

First, the trainee sets his vehicle up on a pair of turnplates. The simulator sensors are then attached to the pedals and other controls. The driver wears virtual reality goggles to experience a variety of driving situations. The simulator’s portable computer generates high-definition view of the road and terrain.


D2 Advantage

  1. Save time. Test or train your drivers in the field, no need to bring them to a training center
  2. Easy Setup. A driving simulator can be set up anywhere in under 20 minutes
  3. Create a natural training environment. Driver can turn their head to look into the car's mirrors or to look back. Driver uses the vehicle’s own steering wheel, gas and brake pedals
  4. Put your drivers through simulated dangerous driving scenarios in the safety of a parking lot


Our customers include US Army, Navy and Air Force, government agencies, police departments, driving schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and research institutions in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.