Safety Events With Driving Simulators

Drunk Driving Simulator

A Drunk Driving Simulator allows a student to drive in a simulated drunk mode. It demonstrates the dangerous effects of DUI/DWI driving, such as delayed response to controls and narrowing of the effective field of view - "tunnel vision".

Since we are using an actual car, this high-fidelity tool really brings the "do not drink and drive" message home.

It has been used by many High Schools for pre- Prom, overnight Prom parties and other safety events nationwide.


Texting and Driving Simulator

Our in-vehicle Driving Simulator also facilitates the usage of actual mobile devices to demonstrate the dangers of driving while distracted by texting (DWT) or similar activities.

Demonstrations can be done in short sessions with many spectators observing while each student is driving.

We sell, lease and rent simulators to safety programs at schools, colleges, professional and military driving safety organizations.



Our customers include US Army, Navy and Air Force, government agencies, police departments, driving schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and research institutions in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.